Techniice 5-Quart Small Cooler BagTechniice 5-Quart Small Cooler Bag
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Techniice 5-Quart Cooler Bag Img 5Techniice 5-Quart Cooler Bag Img 5
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Techniice HP Cooler Bag (5-Quart)

$42.99 $29.99


Size: 5-Quart (5-liter)
Model: Cooler Bags
Capacity: 6 cans
Heavy duty washable polyester (600 Denier)
Unique seamless waterproof liner
Superior double thickness high density insulation
More than double the thickness of regular cooler bags
Recommended for use with ice packs only
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Techniice Portable Cooler Bag features rubberize feet

Cooler bag shoulder strap

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 7.1 x 8.3 in





28 Cans

Techniice high performance cooler bags were released as a purpose built, high performance alternative to regular consumer market cooler bags. They have double thickness walls and lids and contain premium superior grade insulation and high quality heavy duty zippers, a proper base and rubber feet. If you're looking for a well-built cooler bag that actually keeps cold as they should, then this is the cooler bag for you.

Techniice products do much more than just excel in hot weather. These are the same boxes which are relied on to provide icy cold drinks for weary firefighters during bush fires in conditions where constant radiant heat can blister paint on trucks. Now that’s Hot! Techniice Signature Series Ice Chests are designed to outperform every other ice chest of similar size in the world!