Titan Fillet Knife 7″ CurvedTitan Fillet Knife 7″ Curved
Titan Fillet Knife 7″ CurvedTitan Fillet Knife 7″ Curved

Titan Knife 7″ Curved Fillet Knife

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Solid titanium blade and non-slip handle
For larger fresh water and salt water fish and other wide range of uses
Superb boning knife and provides great radial cuts for fish and game
Drop point tip, easier storage, detailed fine cutting
Sheath and sharpener included

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A beaver has a harder enamel on the front of it’s tooth than it does on the back which creates a differential in the rate at which both sides wear. The softer back side wears away faster than the harder front side which keeps a fine edge at the tooth’s tip. This led us to develop the technology of applying a hard coating on one edge and leaving a softer coating (knife’s base metal) on the other edge to achieve the same result. This principle, combined with blade geometry, structure and material, has created this winning blade design. All Titan Knives feature our exclusive “Expanding Oval Geometry” handle designed for hours of use. The shape fits perfectly in your hand because it conforms to the human grip. The handle also expands outward and upward to prevent the knife from slipping out of your hand, especially after hours of use. The material used for the handle features a “Non-Slip” surface that works well wet or dry. The fabrication and all materials in the manufacturing are American Made. Designed for safety, every Titan Knife comes with a custom designed sheath. We believe that selling a knife without a sheath is like selling you a car without tires. Our sheaths are made from a heavy-duty nylon with double stitched edges for added safety. The knife is held in place with a Velcro strip. The reverse side is rubber coated to prevent slipping and contains a nylon stitched loop for hanging. Our sharpening pads take the guesswork out of sharpening. Our pads are flexible and heavy duty and provide exceptional finishing to these fine blades. Note that with Titan Knives you only sharpen one side.

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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 8.9 x 4 x 1.7 in