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A Local Tribe

About Client

Brand Overview

A Local Tribe offers unique handcrafted jewelry from the local streets of India to audiences in India and international. Their major USP is their price points are very affordable for handcrafted products.


Launch the brand’s website and build social media presence from scratch. Execute digital strategy optimized to achieve revenue scale and profitability.

Services Offered

  1. Plan the catalog products and connect with vendors to source the products
  2. Launch the website on Shopify
  3. Launch the brand on social media

  4. Digital Marketing

    1. Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising
    2. Google Search Paid Advertising (SEM)
    3. Google Shopping Ads
  5. Social Media Increase followers and engagement on Instagram and Facebook

The Solution

  1. Broad targeting refined by audience insights from Analytics and Shopify on FB/IG
  2. Performance Max campaigns scale up on Google
  3. Focus on the bestsellers for new acquisition
  4. Define audience journeys basis their repeat behavior to refine retarget campaigns
  5. For international expansion initial audience targeting was kept very niche and then expand basis the performance of the niche audiences

Results Delivered

  • The brand achieved a scale of 30 orders per day by the 3rd month and 100 orders per day by 1 year
  • The brand was profitable with an EBITDA of 30% from the 2nd month onwards
  • Brand’s organic Instagram followers grew to 10k in less than 2 years
  • In less than 2 years the brand has presence across UAE, Singapore and UK