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Gir Organic

About Client

Brand Overview

GirOrganic was founded in 1990 with the aim of introducing an organic lifestyle to the world. Started with mere 5-6 cows, today, we have more than 450 Gir Cows at our certified organic farm spread over 500+ acres in Surat, Chotta Udaipur. All our products are made by following organic farming and manufacturing practices ensuring no harm is provided to the environment and your health.

The Challenge

  • Boost overall revenue and increase sales from new and existing customers
  • Reduction in CPT and hence ensuring lower CACS
  • Driving the repeat business


  • 10% month on month increase in overall sale and average revenue increased by increased by 15%
  • 8% increase in monthly orders and 6% increase in AOV from 1st month of operations
  • 15% growth in terms of ROAS
  • Maintained the ROI & ROAS as previous months
  • BSR improved from 24 to 7 in 3 months of operations for top selling SKU
  • Order to Session percentage improved by 5%