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About Client

Brand Overview

Noble Group has always strived to contribute towards the advancement of society in multiple facets like education, construction, and entertainment. The Group’s core team comprises of individuals adept at business planning and creating positive impact that leaves a legacy for generations to come.

The Challenge

  • Lesser website sales compared to
  • Low traffic and engagement rate on the
  • Numerous technical issues/user flow on website resulting in poor
  • Key SKU (Chee) was not in Top 3 It was 4th selling SKU.



● FMCG/Wellness products
● Turnover - lcr | Goal - Sales/Conversions

Managed Mandate's

● Search/Shopping & Social Ads
● 360°Amazon Marketplace Management
● Amazon Review Building
● Influencer Marketing


● 7x growth in revenue in Oct compared to Feb with 2.5x increase
● in ROI.
● 3x rise in CTR with regional content strategy and
● communications.
● 68% growth in revenue from Gujarat location in Oct compared
● to April with
● regional ads. 62% improvement in Ghee units sold from April to
● Oct with resulting in increasing in overall AOV from 2528.25 to
● 71,023.66 from April to Oct.