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Making Ayurveda the World’s No. #1 choice for women’s health from Puberty to Menopause & successfully reaching 800 million women across the Globe


  • Scaled our spending by 50% and increased our market presence starting from the first month
  • Increased AOV by 25%
  • Proper funnel implementation and frequent hygiene checks helped us gain
  • maximum market share and positioning
  • Leveraged Youtube channel to create awareness of our products and push the audience to the consideration stage which helped us to remarket them on all other platforms hence making the purchase
  • Deployed custom audience segments to grab new acquisitions and bifurcate our products to create a product-wise audience
  • Improved overall brand growth by 50%
  • Increased Brand Visibility by 30%
  • Increased sales of PCOS-D by 25% through narrow targeting and remarketing
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 5% in the first month