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About Client

Brand Overview

We collect millions of sacred flowers offered in the temples of India and employ 300+ women from marginalized communities to upcycle these flowers into the world’s first certified, handcrafted incense products.


● Premium Product Pricing
● Non-Discounted Selling
● Limitation of working on prepaid model only
● Ensuring Product/Category growth in-spite of seasonality
● Keeping New Customer Acquisition Costs in control
● Low BAU days
● Limited Brand Activations


  • 150% improvement in revenue as compared to last year
  • Scaled budgets on both paid platforms e. Meta & Google
  • Targeted recent engagers and past purchasers
  • Constant ad refresh to improve relevancy and performance
  • Increased brand awareness via celebrity ads to build a top funnel
  • 20% Human-centric ads performed better and helped to improve CVR by
  • Pushed filler products via non-festive campaigns, listed them on festive collection pages for cross-sell