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About Client

Brand Overview

Tjori is a multi-category, online-first artisanal ethnic brand that includes apparel, wellness, home, and kids products. The brand focuses on handmade products and the goodness of traditional Indian ingredients. The brand retails a range of womenswear such as kurtas, dresses, and tops as well as footwear, bags, accessories, jewellery, children’s wear, and home décor.

Services Offered

Digital Marketing

a. Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising
b. Google Search Paid Advertising (SEM)
c. Google Shopping Ads

Social Media

Increase followers and engagement on Instagram and Facebook

Marketplaces Business Management

Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa Fashion, LBB and more

Launch new categories for the brand

Ayurvedic and Organic Wellness, Kids, Men’s Fashion and Wellness

Manage Pricing

Manage pricing of all products across categories to maintain an EBITDA of minimum 20%

Results Delivered

  • Helped the company scale more than 15 times in terms of both topline and bottom-line growth
  • Achieved optimum numbers on CIR (cost-to-income ratio), to help grow sustainably and with healthy unit economics
  • Created a niche and built the brand from scratch, Tjori is now a well-known lifestyle brand in India. Defined customer communication guidelines, brand image to be projected to the targeted customer segment
  • Helped the brand launch their personal label in apparel, jewelry and personal care (ayurvedic and organic)
  • Marketing Analytics – performed cohort analysis, basket analysis, repeat behavior analysis to continuously improve user experience on the website and increase repeat purchases
  • Conversion rate improved more than 3 times
  • New user acquisition – Achieved a CAC of less than 300 INR (30% of AOV)