How Can You Improve Your Marketing Functions?

Know everything about marketing functions

Do you know a funny part of marketing? It is nothing theoretical, it’s intuitional. Whether we are sellers or buyers, we buy because of our perceived values. Suppose, you are living abroad and hear a restaurant calling out, “We serve homemade food”. You will visit the restaurant to have that “Homely Feeling”. Of course, when […]

AI Marketing 101 To Improve Yours Marketing Campaigns

AI Marketing made simple!

AI marketing is revolutionizing how we approach marketing and advertising. Every brand is trying to create personalized and targeted campaigns, but, when it comes to traditional marketing, it involves human efforts sometimes which becomes a tedious task. Here, AI comes into the picture which emerges as a powerful tool to enhance customer experience which further […]

What are Digital Marketing Fundamentals? How Can You Use It?

Learn Digital marketing fundamentals and make things easy for you.

Legendary 19th-century merchant John Wanamaker once realized that half of his advertising budget was wasted, but he didn’t know which half. Today’s brand owners face similar challenges- they know that digital marketing fundamentals like marketing and advertising works but, how? The patience and money it asks for are too high to maintain. That was when […]

5 Proven Ways & Strategies To Increase Brand Sales

5 Proven Ways & Strategies To Increase Brand Sales

Are you a brand owner? Struggling, with the question, How to get more sales? Even if you are not able to enter Shark Tank, you can still generate revenue using these ways and strategies to increase sales. The experts at The Brand Daddy have thoroughly researched insights from various sources and come up with effective […]